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Refund Policy

Gift cards issued and activated by Giftx Pty Ltd (Giftx) may not be redeemed or exchanged for cash. Our cards can only be converted to the digital currency nominated on the card. The conversion will result in you holding the digital currency indicated on the card in an account with YP Digital Asset Nominees Pty Ltd (YP DAN).

Giftx does not offer a refund on any card purchased nor will it be liable for lost or stolen cards. If you are a recipient of a Gift Card and wish to convert it to cash, you will need to go through the conversion process to convert the card to a digital currency holding. Once you hold the digital currency in an account with YP DAN you can process a withdrawal to your linked bank account. The amount available on withdrawal is based on the underlying market price of the digital currency held with YP DAN.

Damages and issues
If your activated card is damaged or defective, please contact us on 1300 968 793 so we can arrange for a replacement card.

Giftx is unable to exchange an activated card for another card with a different digital currency.


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