How Your Portfolio is remunerated

YP Digital Asset Nominees Pty Ltd (YP DAN) operates a non-advisory digital currency trading service for retail and wholesale investors.  To trade as an investor must establish a YourPortfolio account which is comprised of a cash and digital currency account.

Digital currency can be purchased from cleared funds available through either:

  • A Gift Card/s purchased from a related company GiftX Pty Ltd; or
  • Cleared funds in your “Cash Account with YP DAN linked to your Digital Currency account.

Similarly, digital currency can be sold with the proceeds credited to your Cash Account.  See the T&C’s for details on how you can withdraw funds from YourPortfolio.

YP DAN is remunerated directly from the fees we charge you to buy or sell a digital currency.

The table below details the fees you will be charged for using our services.  All fees and charges are inclusive of GST unless otherwise stated.


Fee Type Charge (Inc GST) When Is It Payable
Account opening fee Nil
Gift Card Redemption Transaction fee 1.00% of Gift Card Value Gift Card Redemption Transaction Fee [1] applied when redeeming a Gift Card
Cryptocurrency Buy/Sell Brokerage fee 1.00% of Cryptocurrency value Cryptocurrency Buy/Sell Brokerage Fee [2] applied when buying and selling cryptocurrency

[1] Transaction Fee represents the costs incurred by Giftx Pty Ltd to redeem a Gift Card.

[2] Brokerage Fee represents the costs incurred by Giftx Pty Ltd to buy and sell Cryptocurrency through the Exchange.

Updated 8th April 2022.