About us

YourPortfolio is an investment marketplace with the vision to empower customers to make better investment decisions. We focus on providing tools, building investible choices and distilling relevant information to enable anyone to invest like a pro…

without having to be being one.

Founded in 2020, by a team of seasoned E-Commerce, Financial Services and Private Equity professionals, YourPortfolio was driven by the motivation to democratise wealth.


Since launching, we have entered partnerships with leading industry institutions. As of June 2022, we have the license to trade with both ASX and key Crypto exchanges. We don’t plan to stop there either.


Our strength lies in our innovation, typified by our Australian-first Crypto Gift Card offering and the development of Australia’s only operating closed-loop Crypto exchange. With Crypto trading up and running, equity trading is imminent, and our next generation of trading strategies will be launching soon.

Our Mission

Empower customers to make better investment decisions through our investment marketplace.


Relevant content

We focus on relevant trading ideas based on market conditions and risk profiles, saving investors time and reducing information overload while providing a content-rich experience.


Innovative solutions

Combining traditional and non-traditional securities and strategies to meet a wider array of investment goals.


Efficient execution

Easy browsing, one-platform, one-click execution for all asset types.

Our Partners


Audit and compliance

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Leading the team